IAMBRUÁ is for everyone on the daily grind who knows how to enjoy life and is not afraid to show their playful side.

Our iconic designs are inspired by cosmopolitan lifestyles infused with the beautiful Caribbean ABC island vibes where our designers are from.

IAMBRUÁ is also much more than a brand. Our products are for everyone no matter who you are as long as you work hard and can truly enjoy life. Through our media we like to showcase everyone that is doing something linked to IAMBRUÁ. It could be working, travelling, partying, really anything as long as it’s positive of course. The edgy name and notable logo should give you the confidence to comfortably approach any fellow member rocking the IAMBRUÁ brand.

Our products are designed with great care from the ground up and are made to meet your demands for the highest quality. You can be confident that we do not market anything that we would not wear ourselves.

Feel free to browse our collection and if you want to know more of the IAMBRUÁ lifestyle, check out our Instagram and or Facebook.

Just embrace it, wear IAMBRUÁ with pride, connect with your fellow members and don’t forget the smile.

The Journey

Full Story coming soon!

  • The Inception

  • The Monkey was born

  • The Tattoo Father

  • Work Hard, but Stay Bruá

  • Give Back

  • More than a list

  • Where is my lawyer?

  • Worldwide

  • What happens at Bada Bada, stays at Bada Bada?

  • Here to stay